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Canning Vale meeting photo

At the Canning Vale meeting on the 7th of June 2016

Results of the club visitation competition
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Hello Everyone


Are you ready for the results of the Club Visit Program


Drum Roll ……………..


1.     for the member that visits most clubs – one hour massage, wine, an extra long slab of chocolate and a Book on Abundance …… you cannot ask for more !! ……. Winner is Laszlo Jakso


2.     for the club that sends the most members – a set of books by founder Dr Ralph Smedley and another by Rory Vaden…. ……. Winner is Gosnells Foothills


3.     for the club that receives the most members as visitors – a set of books by founder Dr Ralph Smedley and  another by Allan Pease ……. Winner is Canning Vale Toastmasters

Your new Area Director S31 Michele Naidu will visit your clubs and make the grand presentation.


A final thank-you to my guidance committee [Robyn, Michele, Roger, Peter, Lorraine, Beck, Shayne, Laszlo] ……….. and to each of you that participated.


At the end of the day, you are all winners as you implement the subtle or major differences that you may have experienced and are inspired to implement to take your club to the next level.

Area S31 Planning 005

For those who could not attend tonight at Canning Vale, a summary of this project as attached.

Cheers and best regards


André Sequeira


Home: 08 9332 0563; Work: 08 9420 3051; Mob  : 0400 204 678

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Area S31 Planning 012 - Copy (2)

Comments on the Club Visit Program


The club visit contest gave club members a reason to step outside their comfort zone and participate in a different Toastmasters environment. For the hosting club, it was an opportunity to display their qualities and really impress. I thought it was a great idea – personally learned a lot from my visits which I will more than likely apply in my roles at my club meetings.

Having other members visit us, automatically changed the atmosphere of the meeting – club members were excited and encouraged. Most club members did not realise that the guests were members of Toastmasters. Having a new face at a club meeting can have a big impact. Also, speaking in front of a new audience improves an individual. I felt like I was at my very first Toastmasters meeting when I visited another club. I am slowly improving how to manage nervousness. In my opinion the club visitation program is a win-win.

At Gosnells Foothills I would like to see general evaluations for the meetings and evaluators by experienced Toastmasters. We don’t have this on the meeting agenda unless we are visited by the Area or Division Director. Every club I visited had this role, which has a lot of value.


Shayne [Gosnells]


On the whole the club visits were successful and there were take home points two of which were club growth and website development-at Southern River we will adopt these.  I certainly enjoyed the other team member visits, this assists in getting to know other toastmasters and builds camaraderie.

Peter Swain [Southern River]


I suggest we do this contest for every six month period.

Kind regards,

Laz [Armadale]

Results of the Club Officer election
Read this article for the full results of the Armadale Toastmasters Club officer election
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Club Officers for Armadale are:


President:  Dave Finnimore

VPE: Dave Crispin  (temp as we are looking for others)

VPPR: Laszlo Jakso

VPM:  Maggie Burke

Treasurer:  Peter Law

Secretary:  Luke Bills

SAA: Glynda Taylor


Meeting 168 report and next meeting agenda
Workshop about how to captivate an audience by Dave Crispin

Workshop by Dave Crispin

Workshop by Dave Crispin

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Armadale Toastmasters Club


(Club 3704188 of Southern Division in District 17)


Meeting #168 held on 26 Jul 2016

at Armadale Primary school, 1 Carradine Rd




6.30       Sergeant at Arms                                                                         Glynda Taylor

Welcomes all & introduces Toastmaster


6.31       Toastmaster with opening Address                                         Colin Hughes

6.32       Inspiration          Acres of Diamonds                                     Viktor Prichodko

Table Topics                                                                                  Glynda Taylor

90-second impromptu speeches

1st Memories                         Peter Law      The story of the dead cat

1st Day at school                   Lan             Walking to school twice a day

1st Family memory      Dave Crispin          Xmas dinners

1st Work memory        Betty          Having an unreasonable boss

1st Good memory        Viktor       Motivational speeches


6.55       Tonic                    Traveling and learning history                                                                 Laz Jakso


6.57       Table Topics Evaluation                                               Dave Finnimore                                              Evaluation of all those who participated in Impromptu speaking

7.04       Project Speeches


Toastmasters Workshop               Engaging the Audience                                Dave Crispin


Evaluation of Dave’s Speech                                      Lan Mills

Public transport                                                                           Lan Mills                                                                CC2:  Organise your speech

Evaluation Lan’s speech                                              Laz Jakso


Like my job                                                                                                 Peter Law


Evaluation by    Glynda Taylor

7.34       Evaluate the Evaluators                                               Peter Law

7.41       Timing Report                                                                Laszlo Jakso

7.43       General Evaluation                                                                      Peter Law                                                                       Evaluate – SAA, TM, Insp, TTM, Tonic, Timing,

7.50       Close Meeting                                                 President – Dave Finnimore


Apologies: Katie.


Agenda for our next meeting by Peter Law

Hello Fellow Toastmasters,


Below is the draft Agenda for 9 Aug.  Please let me know your attendance.


Sergeant at Arms:  Glynda Taylor


Toastmaster:  Luke Bills

(Dave Crispin to run a small Toastmasters workshop)


Inspiration:  Viktor Prichodko


Table Topics:  Colin Hughes


Tonic: Chris Hagan


Table Topics Evaluation: Lan Mills




1.      Katie Dunstall

Evaluation:  Dave Crispin


2.      Laz Jakso

Evaluation: Colin Hughes


3.     Maggie Burke

Evaluation:  Laz Jakso


Evaluate the Evaluators:  Dave Crispin


Timing Report:  Lynnette Gehrmann


Meeting Evaluation:  Glynda Taylor


Apologies:  Dave F, Peter.





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