The Safety Net.

As we go through our Toastmaster Journey there are many things that we learn, not only about speaking skills but about ourselves.  The reason we learn so much is that we are pushing our personal boundaries and challenging ourselves to move onwards and upwards. That takes a lot of courage.

I have always said that it takes more for the timid terrified person to walk through the Toastmaster Club door than it does for someone who is already a confident person.   For someone to walk into a room full of strangers (some say strange people) and say I am here to challenge myself, I am scared and I don’t know if I can go through with it, but I am here, deserves respect.

Coming through that door for the first time should be applauded, lauded and recognised by all members of the club. This is the first and most important step and we as experienced and even the not so experience Toastmasters should make that visitor as welcome as possible so when they go home they say to themselves, that frightened the life out of me but it was great and I’m going back. Just like many of us have done in the past.

Toastmasters is the best safety net you can find, you can push your limits, have a go and sometimes just plain fall flat on your face and FAIL. I’ve been there and done that. However, no one really ever fails at Toastmasters, they just learn another way of not doing something.  One of my catch cries has always been challenge yourself and prepare for failure.  It rarely happens, it’s just that our biggest critics are ourselves.

Armadale Toastmasters maybe small but we are feisty, fun and we all learn in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere around a great bunch of people.

All I can say is challenge yourself, push your boundaries, dare yourself to fail – because you won’t and Armadale Toastmasters will be there to support you through your journey.

Peter Law DTM

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